Data Wrangler

The Profession of Data Wrangler

Length : 14 hours


The purpose of this theoretical and practical course is to make future data wranglers aware of the realities of the profession as it is practiced today.

Digital cinema has now become the norm, and almost all production methods have now become tapeless. The steps in production from shooting to postproduction have been transformed, and a new position has emerged: data wrangler.

What are the task definitions of data wranglers, what role do they play on the set, and what is their involvement in postproduction? What knowledge must good data wranglers have, and how far do their responsibilities extend? What questions should be asked at the start of a project, and of whom should they be asked?

This two-day workshop will familiarize participants with the following concepts:

  • The role that data wranglers play on the set, and their involvement in postproduction
  • Theory of digital cinematography (film images versus digital images, resolution, sensors, colour sampling, weight, compression, storage media, etc.)
  • Presentation of the various cameras used in the industry and their impact on the data wrangler’s work
  • Information systems theory specific to the profession
  • Tricks of the trade (contracts, parties, shooting, knowing how to protect yourself)
  • Practical component: installing a station and using various software through to the delivery of the material

target professions

Data Wranglers and Digital Imaging Technicians.

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